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This page contains a library of articles published across all inavit iQ companies

2017 Articles

In reflecting on what the themes and topics of the 2017-2018 series of articles should be, we were of the view that two interdependent trends may be worth exploring. These are:

  • That regardless of where you are in the world, internationalisation of your business is one of the realities you have to deal with; and
  • The clear indication (and not a new one), that economic growth and job creation is a function of the well-being of smaller enterprises.

For the current series of articles, we will therefore adopt these two perspectives on each of the themes explored.

A Perspective on the Global Business Context

This specific article focuses on global trends, specifically from the perspective of internationalisation.

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A Perspective on the Local Business Context

In this article we share some of the key trends at play in the macro environment in South Africa. We then show the importance of SMEs in counteracting these trends, and building sustainable businesses that contribute to our development and growth.

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