COVID19, locally and internationally, has already had devastating consequences at every sphere of human endeavour. Economies are imploding,social structures are eroding, enterprises are struggling to survive and the numbers of unemployed and hungry are increasing daily.
Added to this is the pressure being put on health services with the growing numbers of infected individuals,and the tragedy visited on families with loved who have died.

Extraordinary Leadership

In the midst of this crisis there are some difficult truths that we need to face up to:
•There is no “return to normal” as we know it
•The impact, even if and when social and economic restrictions are lifted, will be with us for years to come
•Each one of us will be affected, directly or indirectly, forever; and
•Each one of us will be challenged to not only redefine what we do,but also who we are as human beings

In this context, leaders are at a divergence point:
What is leadership,what does it look like, and what it is supposed to deliver?
In simple terms,the challenge is to move from an “ego”system to “eco”system with collaboration and  teams delivering sustainable value. How do we each become the leader we wish to see?

To help individuals adopt the mindset, heartset and skillset (head, heart and hands) to be the best leader they can be, we have put together a leader and leadership growth journey.This journey has a series of sojourns, designed to build the leadership capacity in individuals and enterprises -to mindfully craft the future we wish to see for all humanity.

About the Programme

The Process

The Sojourns

The journey consists of sojourns that are integrated, interlinked and build on each other.